Navy Religious Program Specialist



Job Detail

Provide support to Navy chaplains in developing programs to meet the needs of Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard personnel and their families; perform functions that do not require ordination and do no pastoral counseling; and assists in the management of religious programs and manages library facilities.

Performs administrative, clerical, and secretarial duties; operates personal computer and software appropriate to the assignment, to include MS Word, MSEXCEL, and MS Access; performs library activities.

E7-E9; Able to perform the duties of E4-E6; Maintains and analyzes budget; reviews reports, records, and correspondence requiring signature; provides administrative support for major activities; prepares command briefings on religious programs.

E4-E6; Able to perform the duties of E1-E3;

MOS with Similar Name
  • MOS RP Religious Program Specialist
MOS with Similar Code
  • MOS RP Religious Program Specialist