Coast Guard Sonar Technician



Job Detail

Operates, troubleshoots, repairs, and performs maintenance on shipboard sonar, oceanographic, and underwater fire control equipment, and associated equipment for the solution of anti-submarine warfare problems.

Able to perform the duties required for ST3; provides technical assistance to subordinate personnel; organizes anti-submarine attack teams; supervises the use and upkeep of surface ship sonar and underwater equipment; evaluates equipment operation and determines sonar performance data.

Able to perform the duties required for ST2 and ST1; trains and supervises personnel in all categories of equipment maintenance and repair; prepares preventive maintenance schedules; organizes and maintains technical library; prepares and submits budget requests; plans and supervises on-the-job training; serves as enlisted technical or specialty expert; plans, organizes, and directs the work of personnel operating and maintaining sonar oceanographic and underwater fire control equipment; plans and administers on-the-job training programs; supervises the preparation of reports; serves as senior enlisted technical or specialty administrator; manages personnel in the operation, maintenance, and procurement of sonar, oceanographic, and underwater fire control equipment; ensure maximum efficiency of the work force and the equipment; prepares general correspondence concerning fiscal, supply, and administrative matters; assists in the formulation of plans, policies, and budget requirements; may supplement the officer corps in the overall supervision and administration of personnel and equipment; may also supervise personnel in other specialty areas.

Operates, locates, and analyzes equipment casualties; makes repairs, adjustments, alignments, and performs organizational and intermediate maintenance in surface sonar and allied equipment; performs corrective and preventive maintenance on all anti-submarine warfare sensors, weapons, and countermeasure systems and test equipment, including those utilizing solid state microminiature technology.

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