Marine Corps Postal Officer

Warrant Officer

0160 MOS

Job Detail

Postal officers are special staff officers who manage postal operations and postal services at installations, commands, and while deployed.

Brief Commanding Officer (CO) on postal matters; Conduct deploying unit command pre-deployment brief; Monitor unit mailroom inspections; Develop command mail handling order; Monitor movement of mail for deployed units; Monitor Mail Routing Instruction (MRI) messages; Review results of organizational mailroom inspections

Audit Custodian of Postal Effects (COPE); Conduct inspection of military postal finance units; Coordinate mail and customs operations with foreign postal authorities; Coordinate postal operations with local USPS and/or Military Postal Service Agency (MPSA) personnel (CONUS); Conduct search and seizure; Manage postal operations between related commands and other branches of military service; Prepare Contingency Plan; Provide security for a Military Post Office (MPO); Review postal incident report; Review Postal Operations Plan (POP)

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