Marine Corps Postal Clerk


0161 MOS

Job Detail

Postal clerks perform all duties necessary to the efficient operation of a Marine Corps Post Office.

Manage Automated Military Postal System (AMPS), Designate postal clerk MOS and special postal billet

Accept Domestic Mail, Accept Domestic Mail Requiring Special Services, Accept International Mail, Accept International Mail Requiring Special Services, Maintain Stamp Stock, Operate an Integrated Retail Terminal (IRT), Issue Domestic Postal Money Orders, Cash Domestic Postal Money Orders, Perform Postal Money Order Corrective Measures, Prepare Money Order List, Conduct Clerk Audit of a Flexible Credit Account, Dispatch ordinary mail, Process delivery of ordinary mail, Process incoming registered mail, Process outgoing registered mail, Close a Registry Section, Deliver official accountable mail, Deliver personal accountable mail, Operate a Postal Service Center, Process official mail, Maintain postal supplies and equipment, Conduct postal directory functions, Process casualty mail, Process postal claims/inquiry forms, Prepare postal embarkation equipment,

Monitor mail acceptance procedures, Maintain main stamp stock, Monitor postal money order transactions, Manage domestic money order forms, Perform Custodian of Postal Effects (COPE) duties, Monitor official mail, Monitor mail handling procedures, Conduct mailroom inspections, Conduct pre-deployment brief, Monitor search and seizure, Monitor postal supply and equipment operations, Monitor postal directory functions, Monitor Postal Claims Section, Verify postal facility security, Prepare a Postal Operations Plan (POP), Maintain publications and directives, Designate postal clerk MOS and special postal billet,

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