Marine Corps Air Intelligence Officer


0207 MOS

Job Detail

Air intelligence officers serve as the intelligence functional experts at all command levels of the Marine Air Wing (MAW). They develop and execute intelligence plans, policies, and procedures that facilitate operations across the six functions of Marine aviation. They are the advisors to commanders, staffs, and pilots on intelligence activities, operations, and actions as well as the provider of intelligence products to support mission planning and execution.

Direct Step 1 of the IPB Process; Define the operational environment/battlespace environment; Direct Step 2 of the IPB Process; Describe environmental effects on operations/describe the battlespace environment; Direct Step 3 of the IPB Process; Evaluate the threat/adversary; Direct Step 4 of the IPB Process; Determine threat/adversary courses of action; Synthesize all-source information; Estimate the situation; Provide intelligence support to the six functions of Marine aviation

Conduct intelligence collection requirements management; Conduct intelligence collection operations management; Integrate counterintelligence measures; Conduct intelligence dissemination; Provide intelligence support to mission analysis; Provide intelligence support to course of action (COA) development; Provide intelligence support to course of action(COA) war-game

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