Marine Corps Logistics/Embarkation Specialist


0431 MOS

Job Detail

The logistics/embarkation specialist prepares supplies and equipment for embarkation and performs various Force Deployment Planning and Execution (FDP&E) functions to support the movement of personnel, supplies, and equipment via all modes of transportation using commercial and military assets, at all levels including unit, MAGTF, and joint operations.

Conduct unit embarkation training, Maintain a logistics publication library, prepare logistics publication library, prepare logistics related reports and forms, provide input for transportation budget, assist in the computation of a unit's class I, III, and V requirements, forecast lift requirements, manage a unit logistics section, produce required embarkation reports, assist in the coordination of transportation for a unit operation, certify hazardous material for shipment, conduct marshaling operations, supervise requests for combat service support, supervise loading operations, coordinate requests for combat service support, perform asset tracking functions, ensure accuracy of joint operational planning and execution system data, prepare an amphibious ship load plan, compute the cost of airlift, prepare a load plan for an aircraft, prepare an airlift request.

Prepare Supplies and equipment for embarkation, use logistics automated information systems to support unit movement planning execution functions

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