Marine Corps Logistics/Mobility Chief


0491 MOS

Job Detail

The logistics/mobility chief coordinates, plans, conducts and supervises logistics, embarkation, and landing support operations throughout the Marine Corps. They are also responsible for unit level logistics and embarkation training. They coordinate all combat logistics functions to deploy and sustain Marine combat forces of a MAGTF and its attached units. Logistics/mobility chiefs also serve as Combat Cargo Assistants (CCAs) onboard naval amphibious staffs and ships. This MOS applies to pay grades E-7 to E-9 ( GySgt-MGySgt).

Coordinate general engineering support; Perform the general duties of an LCE operations chief; Coordinate health services support; Coordinate maintenance support; Coordinate amphibious operations; Manage unit training; Coordinate a unit move; Participate in the Marine Corps Planning Process (MCPP); Coordinate supply support; Coordinate services; support; Coordinate transportation support.

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