Marine Corps Airborne and Air Delivery Specialist


0451 MOS

Job Detail

Airborne and air delivery specialists are responsible for the maintenance of all life safety equipment relating to operations. In addition, they will assist in preparing the supplies equipment necessary to deliver personnel and equipment via conduct subsequent equipment recovery and throughput responsible for performing parachute repack as well as and corrective maintenance on all airdrop equipment, and will evaluating proposed Landing Zone/Drop Zones in order to and execution of effective personnel, supplies, and equipment airborne, airdrop and equipment recovery operations. They will various supervisory duties in support of airborne and airdrop include, but not limited to, mission planning, Jumpmaster (military freefall and static line), Drop Zone Safety and Malfunctions Officers.

Repair an A-22 cargo bag 10-6, Perform inspection and maintenance on all air items, Perform a rigger-roll on parachutes ,Perform a suspension line splice, Shake out a personnel parachute, Perform a personnel jump from an aircraft in flight., Conduct a Technical Rigger Inspection, Pack a 68 inch diameter pilot parachute ,Pack a 12 or 26 foot high velocity cargo parachute, Pack a 15 or 22 foot cargo extraction parachute utilizing the pack in process inspection, Pack a T-11R Reserve Parachute utilizing the pack in process inspection, Pack an MC-6 troop back parachute, Pack a sling/extraction line panel for the low velocity method of airdrop, Place a personnel or cargo parachute into service, Pack a G-14 cargo parachute, Rig an A-22 cargo bag for the low or high velocity method of airdrop, Prepare an M-l Cargo Parachute Release Assembly, Rig individual equipment for a combat, Provide aerial delivery of supplies using a Container Delivery System (CDS), Prepare an Extraction Force Transfer Coupling (EFTC), Support low altitude parachute operations

Prepare an aircraft load plan for airdrop loads, Determine aircraft configuration for high altitude low opening, and low level static line personnel parachute operations, determine the equipment and supplies required to support an airdrop operation, maintain all pertinent publications for use in airdrop, monitor the in-storage quality control program, conduct a pack-in-process inspection for personnel or cargo parachute, conduct an in-storage inspection, conduct a routine inspection on a packed or rigged for airdrop item, conduct a final shop inspection of airdrop loads, conduct a malfunction inspection, perform maintenance and inspection on all helicopter rope suspension training equipment, repair a type v platform, perform preventative maintenance on a sewing machine, perform maintenance in inspection on all altimeters, repair a personnel parachute harness container, perform maintenance and inspection on all parachutist oxygen systems, supervise the operations of an airdrop equipment repair activity, perform maintenance and inspection on the military cybernetic parachute release system, plan and coordinate aircraft support for aerial delivery operations,

Perform the duties as a static line jumpmaster, perform the duties as a military freefall jumpmaster, coordinate positioning of airdrop facilities and assets, conduct a joint airdrop inspection, coordinate and support high altitude high opening/low opening low altitude ops, perform the duties of a drop zone safety officer, perform the duties of malfunction NCO, perform the duties of jumpmaster, tandem master, assistant jumpmaster, or safety NCO, establish a drop zone, label hazardous cargo rigged for airdrop, rig a parachutist drop bag for combat equipment jump, assemble a type v platform for airdrop,

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