Marine Corps Utilities Officer (III)

Warrant Officer

1120 MOS

Job Detail

The utilities OccFld includes technical warrant officers who plan, supervise, and coordinate activities of Marines in various MOSs who install, operate, and maintain water supply, heating, mobile electrical power generating sources, electrical distribution systems, air conditioning, refrigeration, and hygiene utility systems. There are a wide variety of challenging and interesting billets available to Warrant Officers in OccFld 11, ranging from duty in battalions and squadrons of the division, air wing, and force service support groups, to instructor duty at the Marine Corps Engineer School and acquisition billets at the Marine Corps Systems Command.

Manage Operational Risk, Administer a Lockout/Tagout Program, Recover an electric shock victim, React to a hazardous materials spill, Administer first aid for chemical ingestion/contact, Monitor equipment embarkation requirements, Schedule equipment maintenance, Manage field maintenance.

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