Marine Corps Engineer Equipment Officer (III)

Warrant Officer

1310 MOS

Job Detail

Engineer equipment officer are warrant officers who supervise and coordinate engineer equipment repair, operation, and related metalworking activities in support of facilities, bridge, fuel farm construction/repair; obstacle clearing and emplacing; materials handling, and installation of utility systems. There are a variety of challenging and interesting billets available in MOS 1310, ranging from duty in battalion and squadrons of the division, air wing, and force service support groups, to instructor duty at the Marine Corps Engineer School, and acquisition billets at the Marine Corps Systems Command.

Manage maintenance administration, manage training program, manage records and forms, manage publications, manage engineer equipment availability, manage engineer equipment section supply support program, manage support and test, manage preventive maintenance program, manage engineer equipment licensing program, layout a maintenance shop, manage horizontal construction, manage safety programs, manage corrosion prevention and control.

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