Marine Corps Engineer Assistant


1361 MOS

Job Detail

Engineer assistants perform various duties incidental to construction design, planning, estimating, and management. Personnel assigned this MOS are trained to use optical reading/electronic total station survey instruments to establish the horizontal and vertical alignment/layout for construction projects. In addition, they are trained to use manual/Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) methods of preparing architectural/mechanical/civil drawings, to include computations for bills of material/earthwork volumes.

Supervise Equipment Records, Implement project planning methods, Analyze maintenance management records, Compute a project bill of materials

Perform basic drafting techniques, Create computer-aided multi-view drawings, create computer-aided architectural drawings, Establish a control traverse, Conduct a radial survey, Adjust collected field data, Create computer-aided civil drawings, Layout a project.

Supervise MOS Training Program, Supervise Maintenance Administration, Design a vertical construction project, Maintain MIMMS program

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