Marine Corps Bulk Fuel Officer (III)

Warrant Officer

1390 MOS

Job Detail

The bulk fuel officer MOS consists of technical warrant officers who plan, coordinate, and supervise the receipt, storage, transfer, and distribution of bulk fuel. Frequently, coordination with other agencies, both interservice and internationally, are required. Duties range from developing bulk fuel site rear area security plans, to emplacement of a bulk fuel system, to writing the bulk fuel portion of operation orders. Environmental concerns are extremely crucial in any training scenario. Challenging and interesting billets include battalions within the Force Service Support Group and squadrons within the Marine Aviation Wing, as well as, instructor duty at the U.S. Army Quartermaster School, and equipment acquisition at the Marine Corps Systems Command.

Manage Bulk Fuel Site Construction/Installation, Plan Bulk Fuel System Emplacement, Prepare Spill Contingency Plan, Supervise Bulk Fuel Equipment Maintenance, Direct Petroleum Quality Surveillance and Control Program, Write the POL Appendix of the Operation Order, Review Quality Deficiency Report (QDR) (SF 368), Prepare Fire Contingency Plans, Maintain Tactical Fuel System (TFS) Elastomeric Shelf/Use Life Program, Conduct a Forward Arming Refueling Point (FARP), Calculate Feet of Head to PSI, Measure Speed of Fuel, Determine the Reynold's Number, Determine Head Loss Due to Friction, Determine the Hydraulic Gradient, Determine the Design Hydraulic Gradient, Identify Abnormal Variants in Head Pressure, Supervise Product Change, Manage Daily Inventory/Accountability of Bulk Petroleum Products, Administer First Aid for fuel Contact with Eyes, Administer First Aid for Inhalation of Vapors, Administer First Aid for Fuel on Skin, Administer First Aid for Ingestion of Fuel.

Perform staff planning of bulk fuel support in tactical and logistical operations; Analyze bulk fuel factors affecting operations and exercises; determine/register bulk fuel requirements with the appropriate agency.

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