Marine Corps Weapons Systems Engineer


2070 MOS

Job Detail

Reviews, monitors, participates in, or directs research, design, development, test and evaluation of weapons system and associated components to include ammunition, warheads, propulsion, guidance and control systems.

Supervises and coordinates those factors of research development and test which relate to assigned projects and advises relative to their standardization and adoption for use. Collects, evaluates and prepares reports on all types of foreign and domestic weapons systems and associated ordnance materiel. Prepares, or assists in preparation of technical material relating to use, repair or operation of weapons systems. Recommends procedures for operational use of weapons systems. maintains liaison and operates with other agencies of the Armed Forces in developing, obtaining or exchanging data pertinent to weapons systems.

MOS with Similar Name
  • MOS 0306 Infantry Weapons Officer
  • MOS 11H Heavy Anti-armor Weapons Crewman
  • MOS 18B Special Forces Weapons Sergeant
  • MOS 1A431D Airborne Battle Management Systems, W...
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  • MOS 2070 Weapons Systems Engineer
  • MOS 2120 Weapons Repair Officer
  • MOS 2181 Senior Ground Ordnance Weapons Chief
MOS with Similar Code