Air Force Civil Engineer


32E1 MOS

Job Detail

Develops and implements civil engineer (CE) force employment, and provides staff supervision and technical advice. Performs and manages CE functions and activities to provide facilities and infrastructure supporting the United States and allies. Activities include programming, budgeting, project management, drafting, surveying, planning, feasibility studies, construction management, utilities operations, energy and environmental programs, land management, real property accounting, fire protection, explosive ordnance disposal (EOD), disaster preparedness (DP) programs, family housing and dorm management, and mobilization programs at base level. Serves on response teams and related installation support services. Advises commanders and government officials on effective use of CE resources.

Supports combat operations and activities. Maintains trained and equipped forces capable of responding to worldwide contingencies and military operations other than war. Evaluates capabilities and develops contingency methodologies to accomplish mission objectives. Maintains emergency response force to cope with enemy attacks, major accidents, and natural disasters. Plans, develops, and executes procedures to mitigate the effects, render safe, and dispose of conventional, nuclear, chemical biological ordnance and improvised explosive devices. Provides on-scene advice to commander on control and integration of emergency response force. Develops, monitors, and briefs survivability actions and methods to recover capabilities after attack. Organizes, trains, and equips contingency forces for conventional and nuclear, biological, and chemical attack operations, and other emergency situations. Acts as weapons recovery cell director as a member of the response task force for nuclear accidents. Determines requirements, establishes plans, provides designs, and directs operations, maintenance, repair, alteration, addition, and construction of facilities and utility systems. Determines personnel and material resource requirements. Plans and establishes land use, and provides environmental stewardship. Directs CE forces in support of customers' requirements, and coordinates activities with subordinate and lateral units and functions. Determines proper use of facilities and effective employment of utility systems. Acts as technical representative and engineering consultant for operations and maintenance activities. Coordinates activities with local, state, federal, and host country agencies. Develops CE plans and policies. Evaluates impact of legislative action, executive orders, directives, and management decisions. Consults with manpower, organization, and personnel staffs to ensure appropriate use of CE personnel. Coordinates with staff agencies on fiscal and legal matters. Directs training, business practices, and professional development activities. Serves as CE advisor to commanders. Implements standardization and evaluation, and monitors compliance of programs and policies. Directs and conducts engineering research and feasibility studies and surveys.

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