Marine Corps Food Service Officer (II/III)


3302 MOS

Job Detail

Food service officers plan, organize, manage, analyze, supervise, budget, execute, and coordinate the Food Service and Subsistence Program to include operational logistics, general and direct support, and intra-theater management of Class I supplies. They advise on the functional layout of equipment and design of all construction and rehabilitation projects for food service facilities; develop and supervise the planning, procurement, and distribution of food service equipment, combat rations and contractual services for food service functions; administer the nutrition awareness program and menu development; and recommend the assignments and training for food service and subsistence personnel

Develop Emergency/Catastrophe Feeding Plan; Develop Food Service Appendix to Operation Order; Manage Program Budgets; Develop Standard Operating Procedures (SOP); Manage Safety Programs; Prepare Naval Correspondence; Perform Contracting Officer's Representative (COR) Duties.

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