Marine Corps Food Service Specialist


3381 MOS

Job Detail

Food service specialists function in the garrison and field environment in every aspect of food preparation, administration, procurement, storage, distribution, to include funding, requisitioning, purchasing, receiving, accounting, and storing subsistence supplies required for troop consumption and/or for resale activities, units, and organizations, cooking, baking, and serving. Additionally, they perform quality assurance surveillance of food service contracts.

Complete Cooks Worksheet/Menu; Validate the Financial Status; Requisition Subsistence; Coordinate Veterinarian Support; Submit Product Quality Deficiency Report; Prepare Program Budgets; Establish Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

Prepare Product Sheets; Prepare Field Food Service Equipment for Embarkation; Operate Field Food Service Equipment; Perform Preventative Maintenance Checks and Services; Demonstrate Proper Sanitation Practices; Utilize Armed Forces Recipe Card Service; Prepare Eggs to Order

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