Marine Corps Aviation Communication Systems Technician (AVCOMM SYSTECHS)


5939 MOS

Job Detail

Aviation communication systems technicians perform and supervise maintenance of radios and communications systems found within selected units of the Marine Air Control Group. Tasks include installation, operation, performance testing, alignment and troubleshooting of all voice communications equipment, encryption devices, electronic assemblies and subassemblies, fiber optic cables, and system software for radios and telecommunications equipment used within the Marine Air Command and Control Systems (MACCS), to include the Tactical Air Operations Module (TAOM), Air Defense Communications Platform (ADCP), Communications Interface System (AN/MRQ-12), Direct Air Support Center, Airborne system (AN/UYQ-3B), and Communications Data Link System (CDLS).

Prepares and implements inspection and maintenance schedules; Performs difficult or unusual repairs and makes authorized modifications to applicable equipment; Gives technical advice concerning requirements for compatible operation of various communication system elements and give advice concerning systems integration and interoperability; Organizes and administers the installation and maintenance of radio installations of a wing or aviation shore installation; Installs, adjusts, maintains, and repairs Aviation Ground Radio and Communication Systems; Supervises maintenance shop operations to include: work scheduling, production flow, and record maintenance; Conducts maintenance-training programs.

Utilize the fundamentals of electronics and electricity to analyze schematics, diagnose faults and effect repairs on faulty circuits; Read and understand schematics, wiring diagrams and technical data contained in publications pertaining to aviation ground radio systems; Assemble and disassemble aviation ground radio systems and aviation communication systems preparing them either for shipment or operation, as applicable; Observe safety precautions in systems maintenance and repair; Install, adjust, maintain, repairs, and make authorized modifications to aviation ground radio and communication systems; Energizes all communication systems equipment; Aligns/adjusts the peripheral equipment inputs for proper operation.

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