Marine Corps Aviation Radar Repairer


5942 MOS

Job Detail

Aviation radar repairers install, test, adjust, and provide organizational maintenance on the AN/TPS-63B, AN/TPS-59 (V)3, and associated IFF equipment of the TAOC.

Uses theory of operation of solid-state devices and vacuum tubes, transformers, motor generators, and electronic circuits (analog and digital); Operates and performs organizational maintenance of the mechanical coolant and pneumatic units in the radar system; Assembles and disassembles radar equipment and prepares it for operation or shipment as applicable; Observes safety precautions in system operation, maintenance, and repair; Uses fundamentals of electronics, radar circuitry, and theory of electricity and magnetism including alternating and direct current; Operates, sites, installs, and performs organizational maintenance on IFF equipment; Operates test equipment utilized in the corrective and preventive maintenance of both radar and IFF equipment

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