Marine Corps Aviation Radar Technician


5948 MOS

Job Detail

Aviation radar technicians site, install, inspect, test, maintain, and repair the TAOC radars, and associated IFF equipment.

Performs the more unusual or difficult repairs or modifications to the AN/TPS-59, AN/TPS-63, and AN/UPX-37; Prepares and implements inspection and maintenance schedules and compiles data for reports; Organizes and administers facilities for the maintenance and repair of the AN/TPS-59, AN/TPS-63, and AN/UPX-37

Develops a thorough knowledge of the principles of good electronic shop supervision, proper methods of training electronics personnel, and approved maintenance procedures; Supervises personnel performing duties in MOS 5942; Sites, installs, adjusts, maintains, repairs, and makes authorized modifications to the AN/TPS-59 and AN/TPS-63 radars, and associated IFF equipment; Assists the radar officer in maintaining accountability of all parts of the system; Requisitions supplies and spare parts; Assists in the training of subordinates or less qualified personnel; Installs the radar and IFF equipment either in the Tactical Air Operations Center (TAOC) automated mode or the TAOC "build up" mode

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