Marine Corps Aircraft Maintenance Officer (I)


6002 MOS

Job Detail

Aircraft maintenance officers (AMOs) supervise and coordinate aircraft maintenance and repair activities. To be effective, 6002 AMOs must possess a detailed, working knowledge of all Navy-sponsored aviation maintenance programs and processes governed by CNAFINST 4790.2 series.

Organizes and supervises the maintenance and repair of aircraft, aircraft components, and aviation support equipment; Supervises the scheduling of aircraft for inspection; Informs commanding officers of work progress and advises them on matters pertaining to aircraft maintenance; Ensures the material condition and mission capability of the weapon systems and the collection and dissemination of maintenance management information; Directs technical training and establishes safety programs for maintenance personnel; Establishes maintenance procedures and assigns personnel to key billets; Directs and monitors requisitioning, receipt, and allocations of materials and tools

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