Marine Corps Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Officer (II/III)


6004 MOS

Job Detail

Aircraft maintenance engineer officers (AMEOs) are responsible for technical aircraft maintenance and aeronautical repair matters. To be effective, AMEOs must possess a detailed, working knowledge of all Navy-sponsored aviation maintenance programs and processes governed in accordance with reference (af). A high level of technical expertise is required to manage the execution of tasks within aviation maintenance.

Organizes and supervises all technical aspects of the maintenance and repair of aircraft, aeronautical components, and aviation equipment; Ensures compliance with applicable technical publications through the use of maintenance instruction manuals for the appropriate type/model/series aircraft, associated systems, aviation support equipment, and aeronautical components Interfaces with higher level commands, activities, and depots on all maintenance-related issues; Ensures all maintenance personnel are trained and capable of safely repairing aircraft, aeronautical components, and aviation support equipment within the scope of their MOS; Ensures all aircraft and equipment maintenance data is collected and properly disseminated; Ensures the effective utilization of manpower by working with their respective MAG/squadron S-1 concerning the assignment of maintenance personnel, at both the organizational and intermediate levels, to the correct billets and line; Works closely with the aviation supply officer to ensure the required materials and tools are available for use

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