Marine Corps Aviation Ordnance Officer (II/III)


6502 MOS

Job Detail

The aviation ordnance officer manages all aviation ordnance functions.

Directs and supervises all personnel engaged in the storage, handling, transporting, inventory, maintenance, issue, and repair of aviation munitions and aviation armament handling/test equipment; Manages the assembly, loading/downloading of aircraft, and arming/de-arming of all aviation munitions; Evaluates the aviation ordnance function for thoroughness and efficiency and promulgates changes when necessary; Advises the commanding officer on technical matters pertaining to aviation ordnance; Directs the explosive safety program and serves as the Explosive Safety Officer; Supervises the requisitioning, receipt, allocation, and usage of aviation munitions; Manages the training of aviation ordnance personnel. Administers the Explosive Qualification and Certification Program and acts as the Chairman of the Certification Board; Publishes aviation ordnance standing operating procedures and ensures timely submission of all required ordnance reports.

MOS with Similar Name
MOS with Similar Code
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  • MOS 1650 RL - Special Duty Officer (Public Aff...
  • MOS 6500 Basic Aviation Ordnance Marine
  • MOS 6501 Basic Aviation Ordnance Officer
  • MOS 6502 Aviation Ordnance Officer (II/III)
  • MOS 9650 Operations Analyst
  • MOS 99650 Military Training Manager