Marine Corps Tactical Systems Officer/Mission Specialist (III)

Warrant Officer

7380 MOS

Job Detail

Tactical systems officers/mission specialists plan and conduct tactical in-flight refueling and assault support missions, assist in the development of aviation weapons and tactics for the KC-130 aircraft, assist in the development and evaluation of KC-130 tactical systems, assist and/or serve as strategic movement control officer, and supervise and instruct the training of tactical systems operators.

Conduct mission planning; Plans/Coordinate tactical missions based on political considerations, command, control and communication, aviation assault support, reconnaissance, avoidance of enemy detection and antiaircraft threat, and geographic considerations; Draft no-notice contingency plans and serve as assistant Movement Control Officer at G-3 staff level; Plan inter/intra-theater missions for aircraft movement worldwide to Areas of Responsibility (AOR) in compliance with guidance provided by International Civil Aeronautical Organization (ICAO), DOD Flight Planning (FLIP), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Foreign Clearance Guide (FCG), and Naval Aviation Technical Operating Procedures NATOPS); Development of Aviation Weapons and Tactics training and doctrine for KC-130 aircraft navigator in the Tactical Manual and the Training and Readiness Manual for the KC-130; Assist in the development and evaluation of electronic warfare, electronic navigation and night vision systems for the KC-130 aircraft; Train, supervise and instruct enlisted navigators/systems operators

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