Navy Aviation Electronics Technician



Job Detail

Maintains and repairs electronic communications systems and inflight navigation and detection systems on aircraft; Duty assignments are designated as either O-Level (troubleshooting and replacing module systems on aircraft) or I-Level (disassembling, repairing, and bench-testing modules).

E-4-E6; Able to perform the duties required for E1-E3; Bench tests components of and maintains radar systems, radar and tactical displays, IFF/SIF equipment, radar altimeters, Doppler navigation equipment, radio navigation equipment.

Assists in the maintenance of aircraft, associated aeronautical equipment, and aircraft support equipment; services, cleans, and handles aircraft; performs other apprentice-level duties involved in the operation of a naval aircraft afloat and ashore.

E-7-E8 only, converts to AVCM at E9; Able to perform the duties required E4-E6; Plans and implements safety instruction and inspection programs; prepares periodic or recurring reports; supervises quality control programs; serves as liaison with other Navy personnel.

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