Navy Construction Electrician



Job Detail

Plans, supervises, and performs tasks required to install, operate, service, and overhaul electric generating and distribution systems, wire communications systems, and associated equipment.

E7-E8 only; Converts to UTCM: Master Chief Utilitiesman, at E9; Prepares letters, instructions, and reports; administers safety and pollution control program; assigns personnel; supervises and coordinates all tasks assigned to a unit.

E1-E3; Introduced to all phases of construction work, including construction equipment operation and equipment maintenance, surveying and drafting, site preparation and earthwork, concrete and masonry, steelwork, carpentry, painting, utilities, and tools.

E4-E6; Able to perform the duties of E1-E3; Erects and climbs poles; installs storage and dry cell batteries; installs electrical appliances and equipment; operates vehicles and performs prestart checks and operator maintenance; performs preventive maintenance.

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