Navy Utilitiesman



Job Detail

Plans, supervises, and performs tasks involved in the installation, maintenance, and repair of plumbing, heating, steam, compressed air, fuel storage, and distribution systems, water treatment and distribution systems, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment, and sewage collection and disposal facilities.

E7-E8 only, converts to UCCM at E9; Able to perform the duties required for E4-E6; Able to perform the duties required for UT1; drafts letters and reports; administers safety program; assigns personnel based on readiness reports.

E4-E6; Able to perform the duties required for E1-E3; Installs immersion can heaters and space heater, fuel lines, and piping and pressure vessel insulation materials; performs prestart checks and maintains and operates assigned vehicles; maintains boilers.

E1-E3; Introduced to all phases of construction work, including construction equipment operation and equipment maintenance, surveying and drafting, site preparation and earthwork, concrete and masonry, steelwork, carpentry, painting, utilities, and tools.

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