Air Force Indo-Iranian Cryptologic Linguist Apprentice



Job Detail

Performs and supervises acquisition, recording, transcribing, translating, analyzing, and reporting of assigned voice communications.

Experience in directing cryptologic activities.

Experience performing cryptologic activities and experience performing or supervising cryptologic activities.

Operates and manages operation of communications equipment. Operates radio receivers, recording equipment, keyboards, computer consoles, and related equipment. Tunes receivers to prescribed frequencies and performs frequency search missions, over specified portions of radio spectrums to locate and monitor stations and frequency use. Monitors and records communications adding appropriate comments to assist in transcription and analysis. Performs preventive maintenance on mission equipment. Processes communications. Uses applicable working aids and references, transcribes, performs preliminary analysis on, and summarizes communications in accordance with established formats and priorities. Translates spoken or written material. Recognizes essential elements of information, analyzes communications, and reports items of interest. Maintains technical aids, logs, and records. Compiles and maintains operation records and statistics. Completes, annotates, and distributes logs, forms, and correspondence. Develops and maintains handbooks, working aids, and analytical references to ensure applicability and currency. Reviews, updates, and compiles data for operational use and trend reporting.

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