Coast Guard Port Security Specialist



Job Detail

Enforces the regulations and orders relative to the protection and security of vessels, harbors, ports, and waterfront facilities; supervises and controls the safe handling, transportation, stowage, and storage of explosives and other dangerous cargoes; in restricted areas, prevents unauthorized persons from entering upon the vessel or waterfront facility, carefully examines all authorized persons.

Performs general police patrol duty; arrests persons and collects evidence; controls access to restricted areas; conducts surveillance of vessels and identifies offenses; inspects vessels, cargo, and waterfront facilities; inspects documentation; conducts vessel searches.

Able to perform the duties required for E3 through E6; plans and conducts training programs; supervises cargo transfers and inspection procedures; cooperates with private cleanup contractors; plans, implements, and monitors security of vessels, harbors, and ports; coordinates security for facilities, responds to security threats, conducts threat assessment, supervises officers during operations, assesses computerized databases to verify information, provides mentoring for junior officers; serves as safety officer; supervises and directs law enforcement procedures, explosives-loading detail, and the loading, stowing, security, and offloading of dangerous cargo; supervises officers in the field of operations, plans for training needs, scheduling, debrief, evaluates and generates reports from operations, assures accuracy of intelligence information; serves as senior enlisted technical or specialty administrator; manages and supervises operations and procedures involving security and law enforcement, dangerous cargo, and safety and fire prevention; develops training and safety programs; establishes objectives and sets priorities; performs operational administrative functions; prepares correspondence concerning fiscal, supply, and administrative matters; assists in the formulation of plans, policies, and budget requirements; may supplement the officer corps in the overall supervision and administration of personnel and equipment; may also supervise personnel in other specialty areas.

Able to perform the duties required for E3 and E4; conducts investigations and interviews; conducts vessel searches using electronic survey equipment; supervises training and development of subordinate personnel; writes investigative reports; instructs subordinate personnel in procedures for manning a security zone, use of service pistol, and safety requirements for explosives; serves as liaison with other law enforcement agencies; completes permit applications for explosives and other dangerous cargo; supervises use of loading equipment to determine safe operation; conducts facilities inspections.

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