Marine Corps Combat Engineer


1371 MOS

Job Detail

Combat engineers construct, alter, repair, and maintain buildings and structures; lift and move heavy objects and equipment by setting up, bracing, and utilizing rigging devices and equipment; and perform various duties incidental to the use of demolitions in construction projects and destruction of objects; Personnel assigned this MOS are taught carpentry and other construction skills as well as demolitions, specialized demolitions for urban breaching and land mine.

Construct wire obstacles; Construct field expedient obstacles; Create craters and ditches using explosives; Employ U. S. mines; Employ military explosives; Breach non-explosive obstacles; Operate mine detectors.

Manage engineer forms and reports; Evaluate engineer situation reports; Evaluate minefield records/reports; Evaluate engineer reconnaissance reports; Participate in the Marine Corps Planning Process (MCPP); Deliver a military brief; Prepare non-nuclear target folder

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