Marine Corps Combat Camera (COMCAM) Officer (II/III)


4602 MOS

Job Detail

Combat camera officers manage, administer, and coordinate the Combat Camera Program, internal operations, training devices, and employment of COMCAM assets (including combat camera and printing). They provide advice and technical expertise to customers and commanders on all matters relating to combat camera including: illustration, printing (lithography), photography, and videography. Combat camera officers function as special staff officers with regard to the acquisition and utilization of imagery, development of contingency plans, and authorship of combat camera annexes to operation orders.

Conduct a COMCAM capabilities brief; Develop Appendix 9, Annex C to an Operations Order; Develop COMCAM Standard Operating Procedures (SOP); Develop local COMCAM Order (3104.1); Direct the employment of the Tactical Imagery Production System (TIPS); Implement the Safety and hazardous Material Plan; Prepare Monthly/Annual Reports

Draft a naval message; Manage COMCAM budget; Supervise the handling of classified material; Submit lessons learned; Manage COMCAM assets; Develop COMCAM Embarkation Plan; Supervise the print management program

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