Marine Corps Combat Photographer


4641 MOS

Job Detail

Combat photographers take digital photographs using all types of cameras and accessories in a variety of environments (including time of darkness and underwater) to support a wide range of requirements including: information operations, operational imagery, civil affairs, intelligence imagery, investigations, research, development, test and evaluation, recruiting, etc. Performs equipment inspection, preventive maintenance, visual and electronic quality control, captioning, archive accessioning, and photographic finishing.

Capture still images; Edit still imagery products; Caption still images (metadata); Archive still imagery; Manage still imagery products; Capture still images in an operational environment; Capture still images in an administrative environment

Conduct still documentation of an investigation site; Develop photographic products; Operate production equipment; Create a still photographic digital portfolio; Perform color management; Maintain photographic equipment; Maintain a still photographic portfolio; Conduct a COMCAM Capabilities Brief

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