Marine Corps Combat Camera Chief


4691 MOS

Job Detail

Combat camera chiefs assist the combat camera officers in supervising, coordinating, administering, and managing combat camera information activities. Typical duties include direct supervision, coordination, and management of enlisted personnel engaged in the combat camera OccFld. They also draft reports, official correspondence and budgets, and personnel estimates for the combat camera activity. This MOS applies to pay grades E-7 thru E-9 ( GySgt-MGySgt).

Manage COMCAM unit training plan; Administer COMCAM Standard Operating Procedures (SOP); Draft Appendix 9, Annex C to an Operations Order; Develop imagery transmission plan; Submit lessons learned; Supervise the employment of COMCAM equipment; Manage the accessions process; Provide COMCAM input to the unit Embarkation Plan; Conduct a COMCAM Capabilities Brief

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