Marine Corps Pilot VMGR Maritime Advance (NATC) (I)


7550 MOS

Job Detail

Pilots VMGR operate transport aircraft or turboprop jet powered aerial refueler/transport aircraft, air supply, and aerial refueling operations, as appropriate.

Provides air support by electronic countermeasures against enemy fighters, ground radars, communications networks, and radar controlled guns during strikes against enemy installations; provides air defense by active and passive electronic countermeasures against enemy aircraft and provides airborne early warning; provides aerial intelligence by electronic mapping, reconnaissance, and early warning; supervises development of intelligence obtained; and plans and executes photographic missions over assigned areas to photograph terrain and installations; Supervises developing, printing, and assembling of aerial photographs and mosaics; Executes offensive and defensive fighter tactics; Operates from carrier and land bases; Commands or may assist in commanding an aviation unit

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  • MOS 7550 Pilot VMGR Maritime Advance (NATC) (I)
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