Marine Corps Pilot VMGR KC-130 Co-Pilot (T2P/T3P) (I)


7556 MOS

Job Detail

Pilots VMGR operate transport aircraft or turboprop jet powered aerial refueler/transport aircraft, air supply, and aerial refueling operations, as appropriate.

Operates transport aircraft or turboprop jet aerial refueler/transport aircraft in airlift air supply, evacuation, aerial refueling, and long-range navigation escort flight, as appropriate; Supervises loading of aircraft, computes weight and balance data, and plans, coordinates, and conducts aerial refueling of tactical aircraft, as appropriate; Supervises training of aircraft crew in flight duties; Commands or may assist in commanding an aviation unit

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MOS with Similar Code
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  • MOS 7550 Pilot VMGR Maritime Advance (NATC) (I)
  • MOS 7556 Pilot VMGR KC-130 Co-Pilot (T2P/T3P) (I)
  • MOS 7557 Pilot VMGR KC-130 Aircraft Commander (I)
  • MOS 7558 Pilot HMH/M/L/A FRS Basic CH-53D (I)