Marine Corps Combat Videographer


4671 MOS

Job Detail

Combat videographers use industry standard video cameras and editing equipment in a variety of environments (including time of darkness and underwater) to support a wide range of requirements including: information operations, operational imagery, civil affairs, intelligence imagery, investigations, research, development, test and evaluation, recruiting, etc. They perform video engineering equipment inspections, preventive maintenance, visual and statistical quality control, captioning, archive accessioning, and video dubbing.

Capture video images; Develop prime cuts; Caption motion media (DD Form 2537); Caption motion media (metadata); Archive motion media; Manage motion media products; Capture motion media in an operational environment

Perform color management; Conduct motion media pre-production; Conduct a motion media production; Conduct motion media post-production; Maintain motion media equipment; Maintain a motion media portfolio; Conduct a COMCAM Capabilities Brief

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